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Meet Justin


Hiya, My name is Justin Miles, I am a freelance photographer. I grew up in Union City, Indiana and lived most of my adult live in Cincinnati, Ohio and North Eastern Pennsylvania. I returned back to the area to study nursing and find that work home life balance. You hit your 30's and all of a sudden you start missing your loved ones.  I am currently an Emergency Room Nurse at night and a photographer by day. You could say people are my passion, I love to help those in need and sit and listen to those great stories. As a photographer I want to create that story for you, I want to help you create that perfect image that you will cherish. I find myself connected deeply to several locations through out Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and when I enter those places I feel at home. I want to travel with you to your significant places and create portraits for you that you will love! I also have a fully portable studio so I can come to you to create that studio quality work as well. 

I started my journey in life with a camera in middle school I began practicing with my grandmothers Pentax K1000 I had a 35mm Len and a Prime 100mm lens. Throughout most of my life from that point forward I carried a camera with me. My first photography job was with ColorVision Inc. as a teenager, I was one of  those annoying kids that attack you when you enter an attraction like an amusement park or aquarium. I later moved on to become a district manager for Walmart Portrait Studios, which eventually filed bankruptcy. I made the switch and moved to Lifetouch as an Assistant manager and was there for a few years until I made the leap to Pennsylvania and worked at Sears Portrait Studios. Like many mall and box store studios they began closing and I entered management for the Kroger Company working in their convince store division called turkey hill, I spent nearly 8 years managing The Hill until my pull back to Indian hit and that's when I headed home to become a nurse.  


I attended IVY Tech Community College  and received a technical certificate to become a LPN. I was on the pinning committee and had the opportunity to make a video slideshow of the snapshots we took during our school year. I returned the following year and began working on my ASN degree to become an RN. Once again I voted on to be in pinning committee once again and worked with a local photographer to allow use of his work to put into my video. Photography is something that is at the center of my sole and story telling is a gift that photography has given me. If you choose to work with me, I will do my very best to create something we both will be proud of. 

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